Tokyo is the city with the largest urban population in the world. Over 14 million people live in Edo-Tokyo, which has a history of over 400 years, and each city has its own personality, like an expanded candy box. It is full of diversity, including towns with historic buildings, places where fashion, anime, and music are trending, towns with nostalgic Showa culture, and places where locals live comfortably.
We’ll show you not only the iconic places you see in guidebooks, but hidden gems that locals know about.
Would you like to enjoy a different Tokyo and its surrounding areas with a walking expert?

Please check out some trip images and sample tour plan here. Mahalo nuiloa will coordinate the tour according to your wishes and the guide for your private group. Please tell us what you want to experience in Japan and where. We arrange only now, only here, and only your travel plan.



Mahalo nuiloaでは、あなたの希望に応じてツアーをコーディネートします。

こちらのツアーイメージ で理想の旅のイメージをご確認ください。全てツアーはあなただけのためにコーディネートされたプライベートツアーになります。日本で何をどこで体験したいか教えてください。 今だけ、ここだけ、あなただけの旅行プランをご用意いたします。

*The pricing for the model tours is only for the guide fee. Transportation fees, meals, drinks, experience class charges, and admission fees are separate. We will estimate those extra costs in your quote. 

*Depending on the course, reservations may required and, in some cases, only available on specific dates. We may be able to suggest a reservation date that matches your desired date.