Nissan NISMO and engine museum, Gallery tour in Yokohama

It will be a very exciting tour for car lovers. NISMO Omori Factory is a directly managed NISMO PRO SHOP comprised mainly of mechanics who were involved in Nissan Works activities. Not only does they have experience as a motorsport mechanic for Gr-A and SUPER GT, but he is also involved in racing only, including participating in the Super Taikyu series, NISMO PARTS, R35 GT-R PARTS, and developing second-generation GT-R PARTS. The mechanic staff are also involved in product testing and development activities for general vehicles. The showroom is lined with cars that have actually participated in car races. (Exhibition contents change each time)

After the Omori factory, we will visit the Engine Museum located within the Nissan plant, and Nissan car gallery at Headquarter building near Yokohama.

Our guide will pick you up and drop you off at your hotel or any preferred place, allowing you to relax and enjoy yourself like a local without the stress of complicated public transport.
Your departure time and course contents will be arranged to suit your schedule.

Tour spots information

Your guide will pick you up at your hotel and travel to the Nissan NISMO Omori factory together. You will enjoy watching the sports cars of your dream without stress of transportation.

Important Information of Nismo: NISMO Omori factory is only open in weekend exclude shop closed as special occasion. We will answer the availability of NISMO showroom when you reserved the tour.

Tour Option

If you want to more enjoy automobile related or Yokohama city, we can arrange the tour based on your request. Yokohama city is a vibrant, modern city, a blend of Japanese traditional with that of China and the west.

Honda S2000 Lover (ASM Autobucks)

If you are S2000 lover, ASM Autobucks shop is good to visit to watching the RECARO sheets and S2000’s repair scene and car parts, too. Please let us know, if you added that.

Yokohama China town

Yokohama has largest China town in Japan. The district has approximately 500 shops and restaurants in 500 square meter scale. If you want to visit Yokohama China town to eat Chinese food, please request to your guide.

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