Strolling Royal Family Historical sight Tour

Explore the vibrant heart of Tokyo in the Imperial Palace! From historic landmarks to serene gardens, this tour takes you on a journey through Japan’s imperial history.

The Imperial Palace is a very popular spot for travelers visiting Japan for the first time. However, there are other wonderful places related to the imperial family near the Imperial Palace. You don’t miss these sites.
This tour will take you to Akasaka State Guest House, home of the Imperial Family and now hosting state guests, Zojoji Temple, the family temple of the Tokugawa Shogun who ruled Japan’s politics in the 16th century, and Tokyo Tower, once used as a radio tower.

Our knowledgeable Local Guide Interpreters will introduce you to the hidden gems of the Imperial Palace. Discover the best spots for sightseeing, photography, and enjoying the tranquil surroundings!

Tour Spots Information

Akasaka Palace (State guest House) where Japan welcomes heads of state, royals and dignitaries from all over world. We can see the majestic architecture inside and gorgeous fountain garden of the palace built in 1899 (Meiji period).

Akasaka Palace

Imperial Palace garden is the place of emperor live in. We can see some old gates, bridge and Japanese garden, historic site and castle ruins outside of old castle.

Nijyubashi at Imperial Palace

There are many historical things worth seeing at the Imperial Palace. You can feel the history of Japan in this ancient capital by looking at the castle where the shogun lived, the castle replica, the castle’s stonework, and the beautiful garden.

The east garden of imperial palace made for relaxing and community of royal family. Each season many beautiful flowers blooming in a garden.

Ninomaru garden in east garden

Zojoji is the family temple of Tokugawa family who ruled Japan’s politics in 16 centuries. There is still a grave of the Tokugawa family there today, and it is also famous as a power spot.

Zojoji Temple

Tokyo Tower is the bright beacon in a Tokyo city. The tower high 333 meters (1,029 feet) was highest radio tower in the world built in 1958 as the Japan’s national broadcasting tower. With the completion of Tokyo Sky Tree (2012), which transmits terrestrial digital broadcasting, Tokyo Tower has finished its role as a radio tower, but it is still visited by many people as a symbol of Tokyo.

*Please let know your guide, whether you want to visit an observatory or not. We will make a reservation for you to reach the top floor.

Tokyo Tower

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