The Beyond Tokyo page introduces walking the world heritage, ancient city and local town that can be reached in an hour or two from central Tokyo. Would you like to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city and refresh yourself in nature?

It’s up to you whether to walking, use the bicycle, take local train or Taxi for each course, depending on your physical strength. When you apply for a tour, we will ask you how you want to enjoy it and we will coordinate it with you. Of course, arrangements can be made on the tour day.

The route back down includes a stop at a local shops and restaurants if you like. Please let us know your preference. Please select your prefer place to visit. We can combine some tours.

Please check some trip images and sample tour plans here.



*The pricing for guide is here. Transportation fees, meals, drinks, experience class charges, and admission fees are separate. We will estimate those extra costs in your quote. 

*Depending on the course, reservations may required and, in some cases, only available on specific dates. We may be able to suggest a reservation date that matches your desired date.