Tokyo’s Enchanting Japan Gardens: A Journey Through Time and Beauty

Tokyo, a city with a rich history spanning 400 years since Tokugawa Ieyasu founded Edo, offers a delightful escape into the past. Imagine strolling through lush Japan gardens, where centuries-old daimyo mansions once stood on vast grounds with serene ponds. Today, these historic sites are open to the public, inviting visitors to experience the magic of traditional Japanese landscapes.

In every season, flowers burst forth in various parks, echoing the beauty that enchanted ancient inhabitants. Picture yourself savoring a tea ceremony amidst the blossoms or humming songs as you explore these captivating gardens.

Don’t miss the harmonious blend of a luxurious Japanese-Western mansion and a garden dating back 200 years. Whether you seek a glimpse into ancient life or simply wish to revel in nature’s splendor, a visit to the Japan Garden promises an unforgettable experience.

Representative Japanese Garden in Tokyo

  • Imperial Palace East Garden
  • Hamarikyu Garden
  • Rikugien
  • Old Iwasaki house
  • Old Furukawa house