Alllan &Sandra ★★★★★

Highly recommended!!

We selected the pickup and drop service because we are unaccustomed to using public transport in Japan. This took all the intimidation out of getting there and back. Noriko helped us with all parts so we could relax and enjoy. Having an amazing guide like Noriko, who knew everything there was to know and share with us in English, made the tour so much more meaningful and interesting. The tour matched our needs and what we wanted to do and could do. Our guide took care of everything and made sure we were comfortable. Highly recommended!!

Elaine ★★★★★

Unforgettable Kamakura Tour!!

Noriko’s deep knowledge of local history and scenic spots plus the smart design of personalized tour made her stand out as the best tour guide, I have ever had. Her tours are highly recommended because it’s a rare mix of beautiful nature, historic temples, delicious restaurants and fun local activities like making Japanese sweets and watching lights show on top of the Enoshima Island. Plus ‘Must Have’ hot spring and Sauna experiences. She made my trip to Kamakura an unforgettable one and I want to return back again! Her mindset of providing Customer Delight is much appreciated. I highly recommend Noriko and will select her as my tour guide for Japan every time I visit in the future!

James ★★★★★

Awesome scenic outdoor environment!

Most people will visit Japan to experience the food, culture, shopping, onsen, cafe, etc. However, Japan posses an awesome list of mountain and scenic outdoor environment which people tend to forget.

With Noriko San, enjoyed the outdoor atmosphere of Japan’s mountain. Amazingly, you can see all age group of Japanese enjoying the hike @ Mount Takao while enjoying their food at the various rest point.

Hike in different season of Japan, will give you different experience. After that initial hike of 1.5 to 2 hrs, you can visit the Temple and see the 1000 years old tree that is well preserved.

Lots of oiishi Japanese food and snacks is available after the hike at the other side of Mount Takao.

If you feel tired, exciting cable car or mountain’s scenic chairlift.

This is the place to go if you want a quick nearby nature appreciation of Japan.

Mc ★★★★★

Everything is perfect!Highly recommended.

This tour was over my expectation. I’ve got more knowledge than traveling by myself. Guide helped make things easier and faster. And the guide adjusts the travel program according to our needs. Impressed with the help and problem solving. She is friendly and always smiling. Highly recommended.

Fleur and Simon★★★★★

Really tailored to suit our need!

It was such a pleasure to spend time with our guide Noriko. She is warm & welcoming & helps you start to feel at home in her wonderful country. She also gives you a really local perspective, so whilst of course you cover major sites she combines it off the radar less touristy attractions, as well as shops that she thinks will be of interest to you.

Steve & Kenny ★★★★★

It was truly lovely!

You truly get to experience Tokyo at ground level. I had the most fun time exploring everything that Tokyo has to offer! So much fun! Noriko-San is just such a lovely person and made the trip super enjoyable!

Nahshon & Alona ★★★★★

Very good accommodating our wishes regarding tour.

Noriko was a great tour guide, very nice and knowledgeable, pick up and drop off went great, she answered all of our questions even those who are not related to the tour itself. I knew that I can ask her whatever I need while in Japan and she will do her best to help. We had a great time spending the day with her!!!

Jose, Cristina and Inigo ★★★★★

Everything was perfect.

We think the attention Noriko has given to us is to best, she is very kind and is always listening to everything we want to do or see. It’s like visiting Tokyo with a friend. Everything was better than expected and the attention Noriko gives is outstanding. We spent a great time discovering places we wouldn’t have enjoyed as much in our own. Noriko is kind and very understanding with everything you need.

Lily ★★★★★

Noriko-san was very welcoming, kind, and knowledgeable.

I signed up for the Daruma doll workshop, and it was AMAZING. I met up with Noriko-san at the location, and we did the workshop together. It was so much fun. Any questions I had Noriko-san was able to answer. She is very knowledgeable, kind and very welcoming. Best tour guide I have ever met. She went above and beyond my expectations.

Toby Family ★★★★★

We had a lovely time with Noriko!

Noriko added a great deal to our day with her personality, her knowledge and choosing a couple of activities that are not on the usual ‘tourist’s track.
Noriko also anticipated a couple of transit problems and prepared a solution in advance, and everything ran so smoothly. She also engages our whole family – including our teenage kids who can be hard to impress!

Don & Giulia★★★★★

Worth the investment!

Noriko’s knowledge of Tokyo made the tour worth it.

Maya ★★★★★

Precise, well organized!

Great organization, puntual, ready to please us and disponibility to changes, kindness.

Andy &Spencer ★★★★★

Very friendly and knowledgeable.

Great guide. Highly recommend.

Parisa Family ★★★★★

Helped guide us through the full Japan experience.

So nice to have someone guide us through the process and experience. Japan can be overwhelming at times. Noriko was so helpful and patient with us!