Explore thrilling cultural journey in the diverse neighborhoods town!

Shimokitazawa is the famous for the small theater, music live houses, record shops and vintage clothes in neighbor of Shibuya. Many artists and musician have born in the city. Therefor city culture is the fun, exciting and kindness. Recently, the city has been redeveloped due to elevated railroad construction, and it has become an exciting city with a mix of new and old.

Shimokitazawa is also vibrant and trendy neighborhood that is a must-visit for fashion enthusiasts. The area is known for its unique fashion boutiques, vintage shops, and thrift stores. You will be amazed by the variety of clothing and accessories available here. The streets are lined with colorful murals and street art, making it a perfect spot for Instagram-worthy photos. Shimokitazawa is a place where you can experience the latest fashion trends and discover your own unique style. Join us on this exciting tour and immerse yourself in the world of fashion!

Weekend market at Shimokitazawa station

From Setagaya-Daita Station to Higashi-Kitazawa Station, which is a straight-line distance of 2 km, we will walk through a town where old and new intertwine, and there are countless shops.
Can you find your favorite? Mornings in Shimokitazawa start late. Shops open from around 11 o’clock and the town is lively until late at night. The area where locals live is very quiet and there are hot springs available for day trips. Please take a leisurely stroll along with the locals.

In spring, it is a place where locals can enjoy strolling along the green path of cherry blossoms and hydrangeas. If you want to see cherry blossoms and hydrangeas without the crowds, this place is recommended.

In winter, around February, you can enjoy many plum blossoms at the plum orchard.

Hydrangeas at riverside

Tour Spots Information

This Tour visit new and old area from Shindaita station to HIgashikitazawa station around 2km. There are many shops along various roads. If you get tired while walking, you can take a break at a cafe or shop at your favorite stores while walking at your own pace. Please come and find your favorite stores and goods.

Since this is a local area to begin with, you can also see local supermarkets.

Old Shopping Street
Bonus Truck in new area
New cafe at under pass
Masterd Hotel at Reroad

Hot springs near Shindaita station. The hot water from Hakone where is the popular hot springs in Kanagawa prefecture. It needs a reservation, if you wanted to use day spa.

*The hot springs is option. If you wanted to use hot springs, it needs the reservation in advance.

Hot Springs

You can see the Mt.fuji from Shindaita station at clear day.

Clear winter morning view

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