Explore Town that retains a historic downtown atmosphere from the Edo period

Discover the charm of Tokyo’s Sumo town Ryogoku and local downtown Kameido areas on our Iconic Tokyo Town Tour. Our local guides will take you on a journey through the rich history and culture of these iconic neighborhoods, where you’ll touch the culture of sumo wrestling, visit traditional Japanese gardens, and sample delicious local cuisine.

Ryogoku, Kameido is located in the eastern part of Tokyo and is a town where traditional culture and a downtown atmosphere remain. Ryogoku is not only famous as a sumo town, but also the Katsushika Hokusai Museum, famous for Japanese painters, the Sword Museum that preserves national treasures of Japanese swords, as the origin of Sumida River fireworks and the history of fireworks. There is a fireworks museum where you can learn, the old Yasuda Garden, a beautiful Japanese garden, and other valuable historical sites.

Kameido has the Kameido Shrine, famous for its wisteria trellis that blooms beautifully in spring, and the contrast with the latest radio tower, Sky Tree, is an interesting town.
The town has a unique shopping street, and it is also popular as a town where you can enjoy downtown gourmet food that can only be found here.

In this area where the glass industry is thriving, there is the Edo Kiriko shop, which produces Edo Kiriko, a Tokyo craft, and you can see the works at the Edo Kiriko Shop.

Our knowledgeable Local Guide Interpreters will introduce you to the best of Ryogoku and Kameido. Discover the Sumo and historical culture town at Ryogoku and local downtown of Kameido!

Tour Spots Information

This tour will take you through the streets of Ryogoku and Kameido, tracing history and art.

Ryogoku Kokugikan is the place where sumo matches are held. You can enter the Sumo Museum during times when matches are not being held.


Edo Noren is a restaurant street with a dohyo ring. Depending on the day, you can see events related to Sumo. You can also eat chankonabe (Hot pot), which is the staple food of sumo wrestlers, so if you would like to eat it, please let us know your preference when applying for the tour.

Edo noren

The Yasuda garden is the one of the spots in this area. The small size of beautiful Japanese garden is good to rest in a strolling.

Yasuda Garden

If you love art and history, visit museums and historic sites.
There are various options such as the Sword Museum, Fireworks Museum, Hokusai Museum, and Edo Kiriko.

Hokusai Museum

Let’s also go to Kameido, a downtown area near Ryogoku. Kameido is home to the beautiful Kameido Shrine and local shopping streets. The lively shopping street will keep you excited.

Kameido shrine
Kameido shopping street
Popular local food restaurant

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