Latest modern food market, Gundam and Bridge Walk

Explore the beautifully developed bay area of Tokyo in Toyosu and Daiba! From the latest modern food market Toyosu Market to the futuristic Odaiba area, this tour takes you on a journey through Tokyo’s contrasting landscapes.

This area, which has been developed as a waterfront subcenter, is packed with many attractions. There are various spots such as Toyosu food market relocated from Tsukiji, Tokyo Big Sight famous for Comic Market, relaxing Odaiba Seaside Park, Diver City where a life-sized Gundam stands, the beautiful Rainbow Bridge leading to the center of Tokyo, and the beautiful night view.

Our knowledgeable Local Guide Interpreters will introduce you to the best of Toyosu and Daiba. Discover the freshest seafood at Toyosu Market and marvel at the high-tech wonders of Odaiba!

*The time required varies depending on whether you are using a cruise or not.

Odaiba seaside park

Particularly famous is Toyosu Market, a modernized food market where you can watch tuna auctions from early in the morning from 5:30 to 6:30 am.

Tuna auction

It attracts many customers who can see immersive digital art created by a digital creative team called teamLab Planets.

TeamLab Planets

The beautiful Rainbow Bridge is a two-story suspension bridge with a 1.7km promenade on both sides, allowing you to enjoy different views on each side.

Rainbow Bridge

Part of the fun is riding the Yurikamome, a new transit system in this area, which has a special elevated track that is automatically controlled by a computer, or watch the life size Gundam.

Unicorn Gudam

From Odaiba Seaside Park, you can enjoy a short cruise on the Emeraldas, a modern ship designed by Reiji Matsumoto who an animation artist famous for Galaxy Express 999 and Space Battleship Yamato, to Asakusa in 50 minutes.

River cruise by Emelaldas

Furthermore, the night view in this area is amazing, and it’s a good time to relax while looking at the night view of the Japan Night View Heritage Site or at a cafe along the river.

View from observatory

Tour Spots Information

The places you visit in this area will depend on what you enjoy and when, due to many spots in the area. Please select and tell us your preference.

If you want to watch the tuna auction at Toyosu Market, visit the market at 5:30am. Afterwards, you will have breakfast at the market and then be taken to the shopping area within the market and the modern fruit and vegetable market.

Toyosu Market

If you like anime and games, why not take a stroll through the game-related shops such as Gundam Base and Minecraft in Diver City?

If you like art, why not try teamLab? Immerse your mind and body in art with immersive digital art.

LeamLab Planets

If you want to enjoy the beautiful night view, you can cross the Rainbow Bridge promenade, or enjoy the night view from the top floor of a building that has been designated as a Japan night view heritage site, and take a rest at the Riverside Cafe.

Toyosu riverside park
Riverside cafe

What do you enjoy in this area where you can enjoy various ways?

Our guide will pick you up and drop you off at your hotel or any preferred place, allowing you to relax and enjoy yourself like a local without the stress of complicated public transport.
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