Explore most desirable living neighborhood area!

On this tour, you will visit areas where nostalgia and novelty coexist, such as old-fashioned shopping streets, retro buildings, and beautiful parks. This townscape is also famous as a location for movies and dramas and is loved by many people.

The Kichijoji area often tops Tokyo’s most desirable place to live list in Tokyo, primarily because vast and lovely Inokashira Park is just 10 minutes away from Kichijoji station. And the city has trendy shopping area and nearby Ghibli Museum. Kichijoji offers a good balance of commercial business and nature, namely Inokashira Park, within a relatively small space. It’s a convenient access from Shibuya, Shinjuku and Shomokitazawa.

Inokashira Park

Kichijoji has three main shopping arcades. Sunroad, Daiyagai and Harmonica Yokocho are gathered 100 small size of restaurants. Smaller shopping streets branch out from them, and they round up the plentiful shopping and dining options alongside some larger shops and department stores.

Harmonica Yokocho is a bar district that has been around since the late 1940s and has a retro atmosphere.

Harmonica Yokocho

Our knowledgeable local Guide Interpreters will take you on a comfortable and informative journey, allowing you to experience Kichijoji like a local. Discover the best spots for refreshing, shopping, dining, and nightlife!

Tour Spots Information

Inokashira Park

A sprawling area of green grass, woodland and recreation spaces, Inokashira Park is your relax to the country within the city. At the park’s center is a large boating lake, so it’s easy to jump into one of the rental rowboats or swan pedal boats. Alternatively, grab a coffee from one of the cafes that surround the park and stroll the woodland paths, along the way stepping into the brilliantly red Benten Shrine. While there is plenty of space for you to stretch your legs, huge crowds gather for cherry blossom (sakura) viewing parties under the petals in early April, and views of the fiery autumn leaves in November. Not just a place for Tokyo residents to relax, the park is home to a vast flock of wild birds, so you’ll find the trees alive with the sounds of birdsong, while hoots, honks, squeaks and growls can be heard from Inokashira Park Zoo on the west side of the park.

Swan boat on the Inokashira park
Inokashira Park

Three shopping area

The two large shopping street of Sunroad, Daiyagai that across the Kichijoji station packed with small shops selling every items, clothing, shoes and casual restaurants. It seems maze of narrow backstreet, and good place to explore.

Harmonica Yokocho is a gather small bars and restaurants come alive in evening. The standing bar open from early evening, local people grab the beer at standing bar and talking in the small size Izakaya (small size restaurant that provide kind of foods)

Ghbli Museun

Ghibli museum placed next to the Inokashira Park. You can walk to museum pass through the Inokashira Park from Kichijoji station around 20 minutes. It’s exciting to head to the Ghibli Museum while feeling nature.

*You need a reservation ticket in advance to enter the museum, but if you don’t have one, you will have to view the museum from the outside only.

Ghibli Museum
Ghibli Museum

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