Join a tour to visit long established traditional Japanese shops in Edo castle town!

On this tour, you’ll explore shops that have been loved for centuries while experiencing Japanese culture. Enjoy the atmosphere of old Japan while getting delicious food and souvenirs. This tour is a must-see if you’re interested in Japanese culture!

Nihonbashi is a city that developed as a castle town of Edo Castle, located right next to Ginza. Therefore, many long-established stores still exist.
There are many shops that continue to make stylish, high-quality Japanese products, such as a Japanese sweets store that has been in business for over 200 years, a washi paper specialty shop that was founded in 1653, a brush shop that was founded in 1718, and a kimono shop that was founded in 1816.
On this tour, we will visit long-established shops that have been around since the Edo period and still pass on Edo culture.

Our knowledgeable local Guide Interpreters will take you on a comfortable and informative journey, allowing you to experience Edo castle town Nihonbashi like a local. Discover the best spots for touching traditional culture, shopping, and dining!

Tour Spots Information

This tour will take you to several long-established stores. Some of them are introduced here.

Eitaro candy shop started in 1818 at Saitama prefecture and opened confection store in Tokyo. The Eitaro Ame is the very popular candy in Japan for any generation’s confection.

Ozu Japanese Paper has started their business since 1653 under Edo period. The washi paper they make has been used for wrapping koban (Old money) and kimono patterns. Even now, there are many different types of washi paper displayed in the store.
There is also a museum on the upper floor where you can learn about the history of paper.

Japanese Papper experience

Edoya has started Japanese brush shop since 1718, and during the era of the seventh Shogun Ietsugu, the first Rihei was appointed as the “brush master” of the Shogun family. In response to the demands of the times, we began making brushes in the Meiji era, and today we continue to make products for a wide variety of uses. There are many brushes on display inside the store, giving it a historical feel.

Edoya Brushs

Ichimastagen is a long-established kimono store founded in 1816. There is also an art museum inside the building that displays not only the history of kimono over 200 years, but also trade tools and daily necessities that give you a feel of life in Edo.

Ichimasu Tagen Kimono store
Tagen Museum

Founded in 1704, Saruya is the only long-established toothpick specialty store in Edo. Toothpicks have been used since ancient times to keep the inside of the mouth clean.
Saruya’s toothpicks are handmade by craftsmen from high-quality black wood.
Even a skilled craftsman can only make 400 toothpicks a day, and these precious toothpicks are considered a “classy” and delicate Edo specialty. Inside the store, you can see tools for making toothpicks on display.

Saruya toothpicks

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