Discover the secret of Yanesen and Ueno nostalgic local downtown!

The Yanaka and Ueno areas are places where traditional Japanese culture and scenery still remain. On this tour, you can experience Japan’s history and culture while visiting some of the most charming places in the area. You can also enjoy delicious food and souvenirs at local shops.

Yanaka, a temple town, Nezu, a town of craftsman, and Sendagi, a quiet town loved by great writers and artists. In this area, which is called “Yanesen” by taking the initials, traces of history are left everywhere in the town. The town a pleasant atmosphere of old downtown “Shitamachi” Tokyo.

Yanaka has gathered over 70 temples by Tokugawa Ieyasu due to protect Edo castle from an evil in Edo era (1603-1868).  Some places in Yanaka have more temples than houses. And Nezu and Sendagi has many long-established shops, restaurants and new café in renovated old house.

Our knowledgeable local Guide Interpreters will take you on a comfortable and informative journey, allowing you to experience Yanaka and Ueno like a local. Discover the best spots for local downtown shopping street, historical culture and confections!

Tour Spots Information

This tour is walking around Nippori, Sendagi, Nezo to Ueno district. This area has a beautiful cherry blossom and Azeria in Spring, a temple that taking care of the grave of Tokugawa Yoshinobu who is the last Shogun in Japan and many remained historical spots include long established restaurants.

Recently, Yanesen is a stylish cafes and shops have been built in renovated old houses and have been opened in a town lined with long-established stores, making it a popular area for strolling. We are also walking through the Ueno Park and Ameyoko shopping street in a tour in Ueno area.

The district recommends to who want to walk around a neighbor local town.

Remained retro houses
Historical wall
Snake road
Renovated museum and local road
Sunset at Yanaka Ginza street
Temple for Shogun
Azeria Festival at Nezu Shrine
Ueno Ameyoko

Our guide will pick you up and drop you off at your hotel or any preferred place, allowing you to relax and enjoy yourself like a local without the stress of complicated public transport.
Your departure time and course contents will be arranged to suit your schedule.

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