Japan has rainy season around middle June to Middle July. The weather has changed every day.
In rainy season has also enjoyable season of hydrangea and Japanese iris anywhere.
You may spend a lot of time in your room during the rainy season, but there is a place to visit during this season when the hydrangea and Japanese iris are in full bloom. Kamakura and imperial palace is the one of those options.


Kamakura has many places to see the beautiful temple with hydrangea such a Meigetuin, Hase temple and Kenchoji.


Meigetsu-in is famous for the garden that can be seen from the round window, but there is a large garden behind it, where hydrangeas and irises are in full bloom, so we recommend you enter there.

Hase temple is famous for the Hydrangea temple in Hase area at Kamakura. The seaside view and hydrangea contrast and backside of temple garden is nice to see.

Hase Temple
Seaside view from Hase temple

It not only famous temple, but also small size of temple is calm and quiet atmosphere. If you wanted to avoid crowd, please visit small size temples.

Tokeiji Temple

Tokeiji placed near Meigetuin in Kita-Kamakura. The Kita-Kamakura area is good to strolling the many historical temples and beautiful gardens. The ancient city of Kamakura is a place where you can enjoy a stroll while thinking about history.

Toukeiji Temple

Jochiji Garden has beautiful and calm atmosphere.

Jochiji garden

Tokyo Imperial palace and Hamarikyu garden

Of course, there are many hydrangea spots in Tokyo, but I recommend the Imperial Palace East Gardens and Hamarikyu Gardens. Imperial palace east garden has beautiful Ninomaru garden inside. The garden made for entertainment or strolling at Edo era such a tea ceremony.

Hamarikyu made in Tokugawa era for brother’s house of fourth shogun Tokugawa Iemitsu. In Meiji era, the garden became a detached place for the imperial family. In 1952, it was designated as a national special scenic spot include the surrounding water surface and historic site.

Hamarikyu Garden

These two places are historically very old and have existed since the Tokugawa period. It is a place where you can enjoy the contrast between beautiful gardens and historic buildings.

Hamarikyu Garden

Please enjoy to find your favorite place to see the beautiful flower in rainy season in Japan.

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