It’s been very hot summer day in Tokyo every day. According to the weather forecast, there is a danger of heat stroke, so Japan government advise you to refrain from going out during the day. But don’t you want to do something memorable since it’s summer season?

So, this time I would like to tell you some ways to enjoy summer. How about making fun summer memories? Here is the list of summer activity options.

  1. Workshop and factory tour
  2. Visit immersive museum and aquarium
  3. Go to see Sunflower
  4. Watch the fireworks and festival
  5. Spend time in cool mountain and riverside

1.Workshop and factory tour
Many workshops are held in various places in Tokyo such as Nihonbashi, Asakusa, and Yanaka.
Among them, there are various things such as making Japanese sweets, tea ceremony, making Japanese paper, making candy, making soba noodles, making food replicas, and dyeing Japanese Tenugui. There are many things that can be experienced by families, so you can enjoy it with your family while avoiding the heat.

Amezaiku and Washi Japanese paper craft

Suntory Fuchu factory tour is one of interesting tour. You can watch the factory and drink free beer and soft drinks after the tour.

Suntory Fuchu factory

If you need a more information of workshop, please check the tour image.

2.Visit immersive museum and aquarium

Tokyo has some immersive museums and a goldfish aquarium that is open only in summer.
For example, there are the Immersive Mueum Tokyo in Nihonbashi, Team Labo Planets in Toyosu and the goldfish aquarium in Ginza.

Immersive museum and Goldfish aquarium
Team Labo Digital art

In addition, you can see fish swimming in the cool water at Sunshine Aquarium in Ikebukuro and Aquarium in Shinagawa. How about finding your favorite museum?

3.Go to see Sunflower
Sunflowers are summer flowers. Sunflowers are full blooming at Showa Kinen Park in Tachikawa.
There are many other places to see sunflowers.
However, you will be able to see the sunflowers during the day, so please be careful of the heat.

Showa Kinen Park

4.Watch the fireworks and festival

In summer, fireworks and festivals are held all over the country to pray for peace and good health.
There are major events such as the Sumida River Fireworks, as well as events held in rural areas, so we recommend visiting for a Japanese cultural experience.
Festivals include portable shrines and floats during the day, as well as dances that can be seen at night.
How about finding your favorite festival?

Matsuri information is here.

Toro Nagashi

5.Relaxing in cool mountain and river side

You can stay cooler than in the city center, such as in the mountains with many trees or along the river. Akikawa Valley in Okutama, Route 6 on Mt. Takao and Villa area in Karuizawa are good place to relaxing and strolling.
It is recommended because you can leave the city for a while and refresh your feelings.

Mt.Takao route 6
Akikawa Valley

Summer is just beginning. Please enjoy and making only your summer memories.

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